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Libdexter Overview
Compiling the Libdexter Library — How to compile Libdexter itself
Compiling Libdexter Applications — How to compile your Libdexter application
Mailing lists and bug reports — Getting help with Libdexter
Libdexter API Reference
Initialization — Initialization and cleanup of Libdexter
Channels — Using channels for network-based operation of Libdexter
Servers — Using servers to host Libdexter network operations
Service Brokers — Using service brokers to request available services
Samplers — Using samplers for data snapshots
Timed Samplers — Using timed samplers for repetitive data snapshots
Libdexter Configuration File
Configuration File Structure — Organization of the configuration file
Configuration File Example — Sample configuration file
Libdexter Plugins
Current Plugin and Service List — Libdexter plugins and where to get them
Libdexterplugin Reference Manual — How to write Libdexter plug-ins
Libdexter Programs
dexterd — A general-purpose server for Libdexter applications
A. Libdexter License
B. OpenPGP Information