Compiling the Libdexter Library

Compiling the Libdexter Library — How to compile Libdexter itself

Building the Library on UNIX

On UNIX, Libdexter uses the GNU build system, i.e. autoconf, automake and libtool. The normal sequence for compiling and installing the Libdexter library is thus:

        make install

The standard options provided by GNU autoconf may be passed to the configure script. Please see the autoconf documentation or run ./configure --help for information about the standard options.


Before you can compile the Libdexter library, you need to have several tools and libraries installed on your system. These include:

  • pkg-config is a tool for tracking the compilation flags needed for libraries that are used by the Libdexter library.

  • GNU Make is recommended.

Libdexter depends on these additional libraries:

  • GLib is the core library requirement. Your GLib installation must have a thread implementation, as Libdexter uses threads extensively. GLib must also support dynamic loading of modules ("plug-ins").

  • GnuTLS is an optional library, needed if Transport Layer Security (TLS) is enabled.

  • tcp-wrappers is an optional library, needed if tcp wrappers support is enabled.

Libdexter documentation was built with GTK-Doc. If you wish to rebuild the documentation, you will need that as well.

Extra Configuration Options

In addition to the standard options, the configure script in the Libdexter library supports these additional arguments:

configure [--enable-debug] [--enable-gtk-doc] [--enable-tcp-wrappers] [--enable-tls] [--disable-visibility]

--enable-debug and --disable-debug Enables debugging support. If enabled, verbose output is produced. Default is disabled.

--enable-gtk-doc and --disable-gtk-doc Rebuilds the documentation, if enabled. Requires GTK-Doc. If disabled, pre-generated HTML files will be installed instead of building them on your machine. Default is disabled.

--enable-tcp-wrappers and --disable-tcp-wrappers Enables tcp wrappers for securing access to your Libdexter servers. Requires tcp-wrappers. An IPv6-enabled version of tcp-wrappers should be used if running IPv6 Libdexter servers. Default is disabled.

--enable-tls and --disable-tls Enables TLS for secure communications and X.509 certificate handling. Requires GnuTLS. Default is disabled.

--disable-visibility and --enable-visibility Use ELF visibility attributes, if the compiler supports them, to optimize PLT table entries. Default is enabled.

Maintainer Mode

This is a special, standard configure option, typically used by package maintainers to rebuild everything that ships with the package, including certain prebuilt sources, man pages, etc. Ordinary users need not use this option. If you choose to enable maintainer mode, you will also need the following tools (if you have Gtk-Doc installed, you should have them):

configure [--enable-maintainer-mode]

--enable-maintainer-mode and --disable-maintainer-mode Mode to rebuild everything, including all prebuilt sources and man pages. Default is disabled.