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Libdexterplugin Overview for Plugin Writers
Libdexterplugin Guidelines for Plugin Writers
Libdexterplugin API Reference
DexterPluginIConfig — Interface to the Libdexter configuration file
DexterPluginIMain — Interface of interfaces to Libdexter main library
DexterPluginISampler — Interface that Libdexter samplers must implement
DexterPluginIVersion — Interface to Libdexter version information
DexterPluginMain — API's related to DexterPluginIMain interface to Libdexter main library
DexterPluginSampler — GObject base class for Libdexter samplers
DexterPluginService — Service descriptors for identifying and using Libdexter services
Libdexterplugin Macros — Helper macros for defining Libdexter plugins
A. Libdexterplugin License